Zyrtec-D Review: Uses, Side Effects, Interactions

Zyrtec-D Review: Uses, Side Effects, Interactions

Zyrtec-D Review

Zyrtec has long been one of the best selling allergy medications because of its excellent effectiveness and minimal side effects. As someone who has gone through many allergy tests and has proven allergic to just about everything possible, I can tell you that Zyrtec definitely helps the allergic reactions a great deal. In fact, when I go to get re-checked for my allergies every few years I always have to go off of my Zyrtec for at least four or five days before the testing, and each time I am begging the doctor to let me take a Zyrtec as soon as the testing is over with. Recently Zyrtec has undergone some changes and has gone over the counter. The Zyrtec brand has added a new decongestant as well called Zyrtec-D. Zyrtec-D is very similar to the normal Zyrtec except it also contains pseudoephedrine, which is a decongestant. Here is my review of Zyrtec-D.


Now that Zyrtec-D has gone over the counter it is quite affordable for everyone, even those without health insurance. At most stores, you can now find Zyrtec-D for less than one dollar a pill, and in some cases, if you look for the best of sales you can find it for about $18 for 24 pills. In addition, Zyrtec has been printing a large number of coupons since the pill has gone over the counter, so log on to their website or watch the coupons in the local papers for Zyrtec coupons.

Where to find

One thing to keep in mind about Zyrtec-D is that even though the medicine is over the counter now, you will still have to go to the pharmacy and get it from behind the counter since it contains pseudoephedrine. By law, all medications containing this substance must be kept behind a counter.

The effectiveness

Just like the normal Zyrtec medication I have found Zyrtec-D to be a terrific medication. The drug works very well and it works for a long time as well. Symptoms of itchy and watery eyes and nasal congestion are relieved by taking this drug. This medication has proven to be extremely effective for treatment of my allergies.

Side effects

The best part about this drug may be the lack of side effects. I take numerous medication and Zyrtec-D causes the least side effects of any, which is a real relief. A little bit of drowsiness is possible, and a slight feeling of dry mouth may occur from time to time. On the whole a very safe drug.

Overall view

I highly recommend the product. Zyrtec-D is very effective and has very few side effects. A top of the line drug for the treatment of allergies.